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Tips For Selling Your Home

Sellers Corner – Advice for homeowners preparing to sell.

Tips For Selling Your Home

#1 Real Estate Principle = Price/Exposure

If you price your home correctly and give it the right exposure it will not only sell quickly, you may very well create a bidding war and sell for higher than appraised value. I recently sold a home for $30k over asking with NO appraisal contingency!

Realtor ||Teams|| aren't always better

I have a team but most of my clients never realize it. This is because unlike other Realtors, I am the one that my clients and agents deal with. My team simply “has my back” and allows me more freedom to work with my clients. Ask your agent who you will be dealing with “Throughout the transaction”.

A Brokerages name means ||Zip||

25 years ago sellers would list with big name brokerages because buyers were also working with those same big name brokerages. For the last 25 years we have had the Multiple Listing Service “MLS”. Every home listed by every Realtor is on MLS and every realtor has access to every listing on MLS. Nobody “Has the buyers” anymore. It’s a fair playing field. Find an agent you Like & Trust.

Trust but Verify

Most agents are very capable. However, ask a lot of questions and be sure you understand what you are signing or agreeing to.

Prepare your home

How your home looks and smells is extremely important. If your that guy that leaves food in the sink or his bed unmade, make some changes while your home is on the market. Your home should be free of all clutter, neat, clean and smelling like cinnamon rolls or flowers. Got an extra recliner in the family room, move it to the garage. And, everyone looks in the garage so straighten it up.

Curb appeal

This is as important as the inside of your home. Make people “want” to come in. Even parking your cars in the garage or on the street creates a more welcoming persona.

What should I fix now and what can wait

Fix the little stuff. A broken faucet or missing trim shows deferred maintenance. Believe it or not, the big stuff like a broken A/C can actually wait. Buyers understand that things break but they want to know that the little things were tended to when needed. So change that lightbulb and tighten that doorknob.

Do I have to fix everything that's broken if the buyer asks

No. The CAR (California Association of Realtors) purchase contract states that the home is being sold in its “present” condition. However, the buyer is going to ask for stuff to be fixed, it’s up to you what you decide to fix.

I have multiple offers on my home & I want to get a higher purchase price. Should I do a multiple counter or can I pick which ones I counter

Some things to consider; You can do 1 or all. However  Multiple Counter Offers can be perceived as “rude” to potential buyers and often kills the offers that were on the table. Making a Multiple counter is a tactical move that needs to be considered before implementing. I have found that simply working with each potential buyer and informing them of competing offers and where their offer stands in the mix will generate the highest sales price/best terms for the seller. We recently had a property with 6 offers which sold for $30k over asking and we did it with out any counters. Lots of phone calls however.

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